4-18-15 Community Day at the Blue Ridge Park PDF  | Print |

4-18-15 Game

4-18-15 Wagon 1

Members from Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue were invited to attend Community Day at the Blue Ridge Park. Company 1 staffed Wagon 1 and Utility 1 and gave tours to interested individuals.

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1-25-15 Ladder 3

1-25-15 Visitation

1-25-15 Procession

1-25-15 Eagle Rock

1-25-15 Closing

Members of Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue attended the funeral of former member Mike Reid. Reid, 56, was a volunteer Firefighter/EMT for multiple companies in Botetourt and Roanoke Counties over the past 30 years. Reid worked at the Western Virginia Regional Jail and was an active volunteer and graduate of the Roanoke Citizens Police Academy. Reid was surrounded by his family and friends and was laid to rust with full fire department honors. Fire departments, rescue squads, and police departments from around the region attended the visitation and followed in the procession from Buchanan to Eagle Rock.

12-6-14 Pancakes with Santa & Santa Run PDF  | Print |

12-6-14 Blue Ridge FR

12-6-14 Pancakes

12-6-14 Truck Tour

12-6-14 wagon 1 santa

On December 6, the Blue Ridge VFD hosted its annual Pancakes with Santa and Santa Run. Members began prepping for food at 6 AM and doors opened at 7 AM. Over one hundred customers were served, before the event ended. Children had the opportunity to read Santa their wishlist and have their photo taken with him. Patrons also had a chance to tour the Wagon and one of the ambulances. Once breakfast ended, Fire & Rescue crews paraded Santa through the run area, handing out candy and stopping for the occasional photo. The department would like to thank the Blue Ridge community for their continued support.

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10-31-14 halloween

The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department was ready for Halloween! Firefighters handed out candy and other treats to those who stopped by the station. A special thanks to Firefighter Vickie Hawkins for coordinating the effort.

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10-14 fire prevention 1

10-14 fire prevention 2

10-14 fire prevention 3

October is designated as Fire Prevention Month and fire departments throughout the nation are busy teaching fire safety and prevention techniques. The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department teamed up with career firefighters from Botetourt County to visit Colonial Elementary, Rainbow Forest Baptist Church, and New Hope Baptist Church. Firefighters reviewed topics such as how to exit a building in case of fire and what number to call for an emergency. Students also had the opportunity to tour the apparatus present and even got to spray water from a charged hose line. For more information about Botetourt County's fire prevention activities, see the news release.


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3-22-14 Colonial Carnival 1

3-22-14 Colonial Carnival 2

3-22-14 Colonial Carnival 3

Continuing an annual trend, Fire & EMS crews from Blue Ridge headed over to support Colonial Elementary School with its annual carnival as a food vendor. Profits were split between the school and department as a fundraiser. In addition, Company 1 staffed Engine 1, Wagon 1, Squad 1, and Utility 1 and offered guided tours of the units for those interested in learning more.

7-4-13 Moneta FireWORX Fest Standby PDF  | Print |

7-4-13 Wagon 8

7-4-13 Blue Ridge Gear on Wagon 8

7-4-13 Moneta Logo

7-4-13 Crowd

7-4-13 Fireworks

On July 4th, five members opted to spend their holiday helping the brothers and sisters in Moneta (Bedford County) by providing call coverage, so the Moneta team could carry out their FireWORX Fest fundraiser event. Utility 1 arrived at Moneta's main station and were briefed on the event schedule and units they would be staffing. Company 1 was assigned to staff Wagon 8, while firefighters from Hardy, who were also there to assist, were detailed to Rescue 8. No calls came in for Moneta, other than medical locals, which were handled by the Moneta Medic Unit and Rescue volunteers. The crew was able to eat excellent Smokehouse BBQ, listen to the WORX, and watch some fireworks, before returning back to the Ridge for the night.

7-1-13 Buchanan Carnival Recruitment PDF  | Print |


7-1-13 Booth

7-1-13 View from the Booth

7-1-13 Carnival Ride

With the Buchanan Community Carnival soon to begin, the fair organizers offered a space for Botetourt County Emergency Services to use for recruitment purposes. The County henceforth, requested assistance from all Botetourt agencies for recruitment. The Blue Ridge VFD sent a crew in Utility 1 to staff the booth on July 1. Firefighters Bates, Keister, and Zelenske set up banners, posters, flyiers, and equipment for potential volunteers. The evening's work resulted in multiple conversations with the community and one potential volunteer for the Buchanan Station.

2013 Firefighter I Graduation PDF  | Print |




Firefighter Tom Griffin about to be pinned by Division Chief Ferguson


Firefighter Joel Keister is pinned by Division Chief Ferguson



(L-R) Lt. Lim, FF/EMT Ching, FF Keister, FF/EMT Griffin, FF/EMT Zelenske, and Capt. Trevilian

On Friday, June 15th, twelve firefighters, two from Blue Ridge, officially graduated the 2013 Botetourt County Firefighter Academy at the Greenfield Education Center. Four members from Blue Ridge staffed the Wagon to support the new firemen. The students were honored at a ceremony attended by family, friends, Botetourt County career and volunteer firefighters, Botetourt County's Administrator and Board members. The cadets attained BLS CPR, Firefighter I, and HazMat Operations certifications throughout the past months, requiring hundreds of hours of time. County Administrator Kathleen Guzi spoke of this sacrifice and thanked all of the firefighters for their past and continued dedication. A video was played of images captured throughout the firefighters' training. After the video, Chief Officers from Botetourt County as well as the attending representatives from County Administration and Board of Supervisors, shook hands and helped pin each of the newly trained firefighters for the first time. After the event ended, the Blue Ridge and Troutville crews dined out at Three Li'l Pigs Barbecue in Daleville. A special thanks to the management of Three Li'l Pigs for covering a significant portion of the cost of the meal, we appreciate your support.

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On Saturday morning, the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department arrived at Colonial Elementary School for the annual school carnival. The Department brought fire apparatus for the students and parents to tour and also sold hot dogs and popcorn.
3-11-13 Troutville Standby PDF  | Print |



As the Troutville Volunteer Fire & Rescue mourned the loss of Firefighter John Huffman, crews from the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, Eagle Rock Volunteer Fire Department, and Glen Wilton Volunteer Fire Department staffed Company 2 on Monday and Tuesday, so Troutville could attend the visitation and funeral of Huffman. The Wagon crew caught two calls in Blue Ridge on Monday and another in Read Mountain on Tuesday, but all were minor in nature.
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The Blue Ridge Volunteer Firemen and Support Team began a busy December day with prepping for the annual pancake breakfast at 6 AM and began serving shortly after 7 AM. The breakfast was very well attended by members of the community and Santa stopped in to have pictures taken with the kids and heard some Christmas lists. After that, Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue crews staffed Engine 1, Wagon 1, Utility 1, and 152 and ferried Santa around the Blue Ridge run area until 6 PM. The Department would like to thank those who showed up to the the breakfast fundraiser and those who donated during the Santa Run, your help is greatly appreciated. We hope everyone has an excellent and safe holiday season.
10-12-12 Fire Prevention Week PDF  | Print |







On the morning of October 12, 2012, the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department visited Colonial Elementary School to bring fire safety and prevention knowledge to some of Blue Ridge's youngest residents. Fire Chief Mike Durham, Fire Lieutenant Matt Trevilian, Firefighter Andrew Rice, and Firefighter/EMT Ross Zelenske staffed Wagon 1 and Squad 1 and met with pre-school and kindergarten students in front of the school. The volunteer firemen spoke about various topics including: calling 9-1-1 in case of emergency, getting close to the floor and crawling out when heavy smoke is present, having a family meeting point in case of fire, and stop, drop, and roll. The kids were also treated to a tour of the Wagon, got to sit in the back of the cab, and saw a firefighter donning full protective gear with SCBA and mask.

8-18-12 Stewartsville Standby PDF  | Print |







On August 18 at 2 PM, the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department's Utility 1 arrived at Bedford County Station 13 (Stewartsville) to stand in for the Stewartsville-Chamblissburg Volunteer Fire Department. The Stewartsville crew briefed the Blue Ridge crew on the areas of coverage, how to operate on Bedford County Communications, and a short run down of the staffed unit, Engine 13. After that, Wagon 13 and Command 13, along with Moneta, Saunders, Smith Mountain Lake, and Hardy Fire and Rescue crews, departed for the Bedford County Training Center to train on various scenarios. The Blue Ridge crew of five went through all of Station 13's units trying to gain a familiarization with the tools and the layout of each unit, since they were responsible for covering the first due area of Stewartsville, Chamblissburg, and Hardy, as well as, second due to Shady Grove and Moneta, and would operate Rescue 13 if needed for southwest area RIT. Even with the large coverage area, the only calls during the shift were a SOC response in Boonsboro and multiple EMS runs in the Stewartsville, Chamblissburg, and Moneta areas which didn't warrant a Company 13 response. Stewartsville and Wagon 13 were back in quarters by 11 PM and Utility 1 was in house by 12 AM. The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the Stewartsville-Chamblissburg Volunteer Fire Department for the opportunity to cover their area and hope to continue fostering an excellent relationship between each agency.


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