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6-13-13 Group Discussion 2

6-13-13 Group Discussion 1

6-13-13 Squad 1

For the month of June, Company 1's lead training officer, Captain Trevilian, chose to train members on vehicle extrication. The training was broken down into three portions. The first night was classroom based with officers speaking about a variety of vehicle extrication topics, scenarios, and tools. The second night allowed members to get a little more hands on experience by demoing the tools on the Wagon and Squad, which run first and second out on MVCs, respectively. Members began the night by watching some videos from tool manufacturers on the use and then went and pulled them off the trucks. All members demonstrated proper use and basic knowledge of each extrication tool in preparation of future use on calls and the final training night.

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6-8-13 Engine 1 Pumping

6-8-13 Wagon 12


6-8-13 Relay to Wagon 12

On the second weekend of June, four members from Company 1, along with others throughout Botetourt and surrounding areas, participated in a Basic Pump Operations course at the Read Mountain firehouse taught by Botetourt County Emergency Services and other VDFP staff. Blue Ridge provided a pumper for the course practical session. Students were tested on basic pump knowledge and skills, including engaging the pump, charging hose lines, pumping from the Engine's tank, hydrants, drop tanks, and another Engine. All members successfully completed the course and will now begin additional training in-house and during calls to be checked off to operate the pumps on the Engine and Wagon.

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6-1-13 Fire Attack 2

6-1-13 Fire Attack 1

6-1-13 Fire Attack 3

On the first weekend of June 2013, Firefighters Bates, Soper, and Captain Trevilian traveled over an hour to Henry County to attend a VDFP Fire Attack course at their training facility. The course taught command and fire suppression tactics, engine company operations, and provided a chance to exercise the newly learned skills in practical fire evolutions. All three members successfully completed the course.

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On the third Thursday of the month, Blue Ridge firefighters staffed Engine 1, Wagon 1, and Utility 1 and headed to the Lake Forest neighborhood to practice pump operations and rural water supply. Engine 1 hooked up to the dry hydrant adjacent to the lake and fed water to the Wagon whose crew deployed a detached master stream. Crews went over pump usage and recapped on the new crosslay load. Company 1 was in quarters by 10 PM.

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For the second weekly training session of the month, Blue Ridge Fire crews got familiar with and practiced a new hose lay that was added to the Engine companies. The Roundabout has two sections of folds, the nozzle and majority of the line is coiled into a circle and carried by the first firefighter to the entry point of the structure, while the other end is a flat load and is pulled off by the second firefighter/operator. The line is then charged and the nozzleman and backup firefighter begin advancing the hose into the structure. Crews practiced against the the load it replaced, the Triple Lay, and found more pros than cons when applying it to the general run area. Firefighters practiced for nearly three hours before calling it a night.

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On the evening of Thursday, September 20th, Blue Ridge Fire Volunteers gathered for the weekly training at Station 1. Twelve volunteer firefighters brought Wagon 1, Squad 1, and Utility 1 to Coyner Springs Garage in Blue Ridge. Members trained on multiple vehicle X topics such as stabilizing, extricating, hood and door pops, as well as trunk, roof, and dash removals. After three hours of training and a car in pieces, the crews called it a night and were back in house by 10 PM. The Department would like to thank the Coyner Springs Garage for setting up and donating the junked vehicles for training.

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For one of June's weekly training sessions, thirteen Company 1 Firefighters trained on the new Rapid Intervention Team pack. The new pack replaces an older and less efficient pack. The new bag carries a large air tank, an extra mask, a prying tool, has fast and easy access to all cords, has less zippers than the former pack, and can be carried or dragged just by changing clips. This was an excellent training session for all firefighters involved. Each of the 13 involved were paired up in two's and run through a mock Mayday. The Auxiliary building was smoked up to no visibility and RIT teams were called to find a missing search crew with one "unconscious" firefighter. The RIT crews practiced hooking up the firefighter's airpack to the RIT airpack in and then dragged the firefighter out.

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Crews from Blue Ridge, Botetourt County, and Bedford County recently had the rare opportunity of training on an acquired structure in the Webster neighborhood. Houses like this help provide firefighters with real experience training versus a training center where props cannot be damaged and techniques are sometimes limited to simulations. Company 1 trained on the structure for three days going over topics such as hoses, ladders, overhaul, rapid invention, and flue fires. The building is scheduled to be burned down at a later date. Companies and units training throughout the Friday session: Blue Ridge (Wagon 1, Air 1), Botetourt County Emergency Services (Division Chief 7, EMS 7, Training 7, Wagon 7, Wagon 701, Medic 752, Medic 753, Medic 754), and Bedford County Fire & Rescue (County 10, Medic 14-9)

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As the year of 2012 begins, so does another Firefighter 1 class in Botetourt County. This weekend, the class session was on SCBA and all of its pertaining aspects. Company 1 sent Air 1 and 5 Firefighters to assist with class practicals. The day started off with groups learning the basics of Air 1 and refilling air packs from Blue Ridge Chief Durham and Troutville Chief Paderick. The rookies were then instructed to pack up and follow exercise commands from the instructors. After a short lunch, Blue Ridge members assisted with search training in the SCBA maze trailer and mock structure inside Troutville's old schoolhouse. The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department will continue to support the class at future practical classes with Air 1. Good luck to the remaining 14 probies, including two of our own.
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Firefighter1 Graduation 2011






Graduates of the 2011 Firefighter1 Academy pictured with Chief Durham, left- Firefighter Ross Zelenske, right Firefighter Nick Carroll





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4-6-11 Mock Accident at LBHS




Company One, Company Two(Troutville), and Company Twelve(Read Mountain), along with BCES and Multiple Rescue agencies were glad to put on a show at the local High School before prom. The scenario was a multiple car accident with multiple fatalities and other injuries. Everything ran smooth and everyone remained safe throughout the mock training accident. Afterward the first responders had a light lunch at the school and all units returned to service.



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Members trained for the proper uses of fire extinguishers.







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Training on TurboDraft on 4-11-10







Blue Ridge Trained on the application of a TurboDraft in a rural water setting. We do not have this item on our trucks but would like it. Cost of this item is close to $2000.00, and its not in our budget for this year. Hopefully next year. 

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CPR Training on 4-11-10








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