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1-2-10 Fire on Healing Springs Rd

Company One, Company 12, Rescue 1,Company 1 for Air One, and Medic 7 were dispatched for a possible structure fire on Healing Springs Rd at around 4pm.  Wagon One arrived within minutes to find a single level structure with smoke showing from the eves. Wagon One's crew quickly attacked the fire, and was at first unable to locate most of the fires extention. This home was very dificult to deal with, it was actually two single wide trailers, placed together with two common roofs and extended walls in the interior. Before the crews knew it they had fire both above them and below them, and in the walls next to them. Chief One with seeing this added another three companies for tankers (Troutville 2, Montvale 9, Fincastle 4) and a rehab unit from Vinton. Fire was under control and marked as out around 8pm.

Units On the Scene: Wagon One, Engine One, Air One, Wagon12, Engine12, Rescue12-2, Utility12, Rescue152, Tanker2, Squad2, Tanker9, Engine9, Rehab2, Tanker4, 750, Botetourt Sheriff's Office 


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Blizzard of 2009



One of many call answered during the snowy conditions. This one was in the front of the Blue Ridge Minute Market and was no injuries. Company One staffed multiple trucks during the storm, running the Brush and Squad for most of the calls due to their 4x4 capabilities.


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accident2-12-15-09_WinCE accident12-15-09_WinCE

accident3-12-15-09_WinCE accident4-12-15-09_WinCE


12-15-09 Accident at 460 and Webster Rd

Company One, Rescue One, and Botetourt Emergency Services (Medic7) were dispatched to a MVC with possible entrapment at Webster Rd and Rt 460 westbound. Wagon One with 3 personnel and 152 responded along with ES-1, ES-2, and Utility 7. Emergency Services on scene confirmed no entrapment and for responding units to keep coming. Wagon One marked on scene minutes later and assisted with traffic control and scene clean up as 152 took one patient to the local trauma facility. Wagon Ones crew remained on scene for clean up and cleared the scene once hazards were removed.

Units On Scene- Wagon One, 152, Utility7, ES-1,ES-2, Virginia State Police.


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11-30-09 Wreck at Laymantown Rd and Rt 460.

Company One, Rescue One, and Medic 7 were dispatched to a MVC on Rt 460 at Laymantown Rd, reported to be 3 to 4 vehicles with one possible injury. Wagon One with 3, and Squad One with 2, responded to find 3 vehicles to the right side of westbound 460 blocking Laymantown Rd. Leiutenant 1 (Kitts) marked in command and confirmed one patient and for Medic 752 and Rescue 154 to keep responding. Wagon One blocked one lane of 460 West and requested for Squad One to block the turning lane from 460 East to Laymantown Rd completely blocking Laymantown traffic. Fire units on scene removed hazards and kept lanes blocked until all vehicle were moved from the scene. Rescue 154 transported one patient and cleared Medic 752, all fire units cleared and returned to quarters.


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Company One, Rescue One, and Medic 7 were dispatched for a MVA in the area of Coyner Springs Detention Center off of Coyner Springs Road. Wagon One with three, Squad One with two and Brush One with one, all responded. Dispatch advised that a deputy onscene advised one vehicle into a power pole. Wagon One arrived and reported one vehicle and one patient out of the vehicle. Captain One (Cornett) marked in command and advised incoming units to shut down one lane, and advised dispatch of the AEP pole number and requested for them to respond to the scene as well to assess damage to the pole. With Medic 152 enroute, command cleared Medic 7 and made it a can handle for Company One and Rescue One. Medic 152 transported the patient to the local trauma center and Company One cleared after the roadway was reopened.

Units onscene- Wagon One, Brush One, Squad One, Medic 152, Va State Police, AEP and Botetourt Sheriff's Office  


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Company One, Rescue One, Rescue 12, and Company 7 responded to a MVA reported to be 3 to 4 vehicles one on its roof, at Laymantown Rd and Rt460. Wagon One with 3 personnel and Squad One with 1, met up with members who were coming to the scene. Lieutenant 1A (Munson) marked in command with 3 vehicles one on its roof and heavy damage to fronts of both of the others. ES2 of Botetourt Emergency Services was place in EMS command and quickly assessed the situation on his arrival and determined need for additional medic units from Roanoke County and Rescue 2. Fire units on scene assessed the hazards and secured the scene so that EMS could quickly expedite their patients to the local trauma center. Company One remained on scene until the traffic hazards were remove and then cleared and returned to quarters.

Units On the Scene included- Wagon 1, Squad 1, Rescue 152, Rescue 12-2, Rescue 253, Medic 51 (Roanoke County), Utility 12, ES2, Medic 750, Medic 752,  and Virginia State Police



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