11-26-12 Blue Ridge Parkway Forest Fire PDF  | Print |



Shortly after 3 PM, Company 1 was dispatched for a smoke report around mile marker 101 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 114 who was in the area was able to confirm a working fire shortly after dispatch, adding addition fire companies and the Forestry Service to the run. Brush 1 was first to arrive and established Blue Ridge Parkway Command. Fire crews worked for hours to contain the fire, which was eventually put out before the night's end. Companies operating: Blue Ridge, Read Mountain, Troutville, Buchanan, Eagle Rock, Montvale, and the Virginia Department of Forestry.

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Wreck Rt460 and Coyner Springs Rd





Company One, Rescue One, and Medic 7 were dispatched for a MVC in the 500 block of Blue Ridge Blvd. Wagon 1 arrived to find 3 vehicles with multiple patients trapped inside of two of the vehicles. Crew from W-1 quickly pulled the 1 3/4 bumper line and started extrication with the TNT Tools on the white vehicle. Squad 1 arrived and started extrication on the red vehicle, with assistance from the crew from Utility1. Once all patients were extricated, Command(Chief1) released 2 firefighters to drive ambulances to the hospital, and Company 1 stayed on the scene until all hazards were removed.

Company 1 units on the scene- Wagon1, Squad1, and Utility1

8-7-12 Arcadia SOTT Search PDF  | Print |



As the night crew was working out at the gym, Company 3, Rescue 3 (Buchanan Fire & Rescue), Medic 753 (Career Rescue), and the Botetourt County Special Operations Team were dispatched after 9:30 PM to the Arcadia Shell gas station to meet up with additional SOTT crews and locate three hikers. Utility 1 (with 3) and the Polaris responded and arrived at the staging point after the long travel time. Command (Division Chief 1) assigned two 10 man search crews labeled "Sunset Division" and "Arcadia Division". The Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue crews that responded were primarily assigned as the reserve division to standby in case assistance was needed or if an additional Buchanan area call came in. After a couple of hours of searching, the victims were located and Utility 1 was released by Command to return to Blue Ridge by 12:45 AM. Companies and units operating: Blue Ridge (Utility 1, 150 Medic Status), Troutville (Brush 2, Utility 2), Buchanan (Wagon 3, Utility 3, 352), Eagle Rock (Car 5), Botetourt County Emergency Services (County 1, Division Chief 1, Division Chief 2, EMS 7, Training 7, Logistics 7, Medic 753, Car 7, RTV 7), Read Mountain (Utility 12), Botetourt County Sheriff's Office, and the National Park Service.

8-2-12 Queen Regent Meter Box Fire PDF  | Print |


Company 1, Rescue 1 (Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue), Company 12, Rescue 12 (Read Mountain Fire & Rescue), and Medic 752 (Career Rescue) were dispatched to a possible structure fire at Queen Regent Court in the Stonehaven neighborhood. Wagon 1 (with 4) was second in directly behind Medic 152 and found a two story residential brick dwelling with nothing showing. The resident advised Fire crews that the electric meter box had caught on fire on the rear of the house. Since the dwelling had brick walls, the fire did not spread. Crews checked the attic and basement areas for extension, but found nothing. Command (125) advised Dispatch that Blue Ridge units could handle and all other incoming crews were cleared. Engine 1 and Wagon 1 remained, until AEP arrived and addressed the problem. Companies and units operating: Blue Ridge (Engine 1, Wagon 1, Medic 152), Read Mountain (Engine 12, Rescue 12-2), Troutville (Engine 2), Botetourt County Emergency Services (EMS 7, Wagon 7, Medic 752), and Appalachian Electric Power.
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Company 1, Rescue 1 (Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue), and Medic 12-7 (Career Rescue) were dispatched for a reported single motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Wyndermere Drive and Rainbow Forest Drive. Wagon 1 (with 4) was out the door within a minute. Wagon 1, 150, and Medic 12-7 arrived to find a small SUV with moderate damage from a  rollover and one subject sitting in the grass. Wagon 1's crew assessed the vehicle for any hazards and established command. Command (Captain 1) marked a can handle and then had the Wagon crew split between traffic control and EMS assistance. After the patient was transported to the hospital and the wrecker removed the vehicle, the remaining Blue Ridge crews returned to service. Companies and units operating: Blue Ridge (Wagon 1, Brush 1, 150), Roanoke County Fire & Rescue (Medic 12-7), and Virginia State Police.
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After a brief, but heavy thunderstorm on June 22, 2012, Company 1 was dispatched as second due to assist Montvale with a structure fire at 1392 Villamont Road. Initial dispatch reports advised smoke showing from the roof. Wagon 1 (with 3) responded within minutes and arrived to find a single story modular home with moderate smoking showing from the eves and Alpha side. Blue Ridge crews pulled a second line off of Montvale's Engine 9 and began a primary search and secondary fire attack. Fire crews located and removed one dog from the structure. After the fire was located and knocked down, Company 1 crews assisted with ventilation and overhaul. During the fire, two Blue Ridge 1st due fire calls were turned over to Read Mountain and Bedford. Companies and units operating at the Villamont fire: Blue Ridge (Wagon 1, Utility 1), Montvale (Engine 9, Pumper 9, Tanker 9, Command 9, two Medic 9 units), Bedford City (Rescue 1, one Medic 1 unit), Bedford County Fire & Rescue (County 10).
5-28-12 Montvale MVA with HazMat Assist PDF  | Print |






Shortly after 9 PM on May 29, 2012, Company 1 was dispatched to assist Bedford County for a single MVA involving a tanker truck carrying a full load of gasoline at the infamous "S curves" just past Montvale. Wagon 1 (with 6) responded and was assigned by Command to assist crews with deploying oil booms on the Goose Creek along Wilkerson Mill Road. With Bedford County Fire & Rescue crews busy in the hot zone of the accident, Lieutenant 1 requested additional booms and equipment to their location from Company 1. This brought Squad 1 (with 2) to the call. Blue Ridge Fire crews worked with Montvale and Shady Grove Fire crews to stretch four booms across the creek. Fortunately, it was later determined that the 6,700 gallons of gas spilled did not reach and contaminate the water. Command later reassigned Wagon 1 to assist with foam and water operations, while Squad 1 was staged with Pumper 19 at the 9400 block of West Lynchburg Salem Turnpike to monitor for additional Montvale area calls. Company 1 was clear and in quarters by 4 AM. Companies operating throughout the event: Blue Ridge, Montvale, Shady Grove, Stewartsville-Chamblissburg, Bedford County Fire & Rescue, Division 6 Regional HazMat Team, W.E.L., Virginia State Police, and the Virginia Department of Transportation.

5-9-12 Troutville Structure Fire Assist PDF  | Print |







At 9:11 PM on May 9, 2012, Company 2, Rescue 2 (Troutville Fire & Rescue), Company 12, Rescue 12 (Read Mountain Fire & Rescue), Company 1 (Blue Ridge Fire) for Air 1, and Medic 7 (Career Rescue) were dispatched for a residential structure fire at 4845 Mountain Pass Road. Initial reports stated that the dryer was on fire at the rear side of the structure. Division Chief 2 arrived within 5 minutes and reported fire showing from the Bravo and Charlie sides of the structure. Additional manpower and tankers from Company 1 and Company 4 (Fincastle Fire) were added to the run shortly afterward. Wagon 1, Air 1, and Utility 1 responded. After arriving, Wagon 1's crew was assigned to overhaul operations, while Air 1's crew began filling air bottles. The fire was marked under control within 15 minutes and Command began releasing crews after an hour and a half. One firefighter sustained minor injuries and was transported to the hospital. Companies and units operating throughout the event: Blue Ridge (Wagon 1, Air 1, Utility 1), Troutville (Engine 2, Wagon 2, Tanker 2, 250), Fincastle (Tanker 4, Rescue 457), Read Mountain (Engine 12, Wagon 12, Utility 12, Rescue 12-1 Rescue 12-2), Botetourt County Emergency Services (Division Chief 1, Division Chief 2, EMS 7, Medic 754, Utility 7, Car 7), Botetourt County Sheriff's Office, and Appalachian Electric Power.

1-15-12 Troutville Structure Fire Assist PDF  | Print |








At 4:22 AM on January 15, 2012, Company 2, Rescue 2 (Troutville Fire & Rescue), Company 4, Rescue 4 (Fincastle Fire & Rescue), Company 1 (Blue Ridge Fire) for Air 1, and Medic 7 (Career Rescue) were called to 8591 Lee Highway, the Virginian Markette, for a structure fire called in by a Sheriff's Office Deputy. Air 1 (with 4) responded and arrived behind Troutville and Fincastle crews to find a residential structure converted to a convenience store and gas station with heavy smoke showing from all four sides. Initial interior crews reported fire in the Bravo-Charlie side of the structure with an exterior propane tank threatened. Air 1’s three extra personnel were assigned to second floor fire attack by Command (Deputy Chief 2). “Fire Attack 2” located the fire in a room on the Bravo-Charlie side of the building, but were unable to reach the fire because of clutter. Low visibility and rising temperatures forced the crew to back out before an attempt to establish a clear pathway could be made. Blue Ridge personnel were later reassigned to roof operations. After three hours and nearly 50 air packs refilled by Air 1, the fire was marked under control and crews moved to the overhaul stage. After the overhaul and cleanup stages were finished, Blue Ridge and Troutville crews shared a quick breakfast and returned to quarters. Companies and units operating throughout the event: Blue Ridge (Air 1), Troutville (Engine 2, Wagon 2, Squad 2, Tanker 2, Utility 2), Buchanan (Ladder 3, Utility 3), Fincastle (Wagon 4, Tanker 4, Rescue 457), Read Mountain (Wagon 12), Botetourt County Emergency Services (EMS 7, Medic 754, Car 7), Botetourt County Sheriff's Office, and Virginia State Police.

6-22-11Accident on 460 at the parkway PDF  | Print |

6-22-11 Accident on 460 at the Parkway




Company One, Rescue One and 12-7(Roanoke County) were dispatched for a motorcycle accident on 460 at the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Wagon One, 152,Squad One, and 12-7 responded to find two motorcyclist who had collided and had laid both bikes over. Wagon One blocked one travel lane and the turning lane to the parkway as 12-7 and 152 assessed both patients. Once all hazards were removed from the road Company One cleared and returned to quarters.


6-11-11 Accident on Blue Ridge Pkwy PDF  | Print |

6-11-11 Accident on the Blue Ridge Parkway





Company One, Rescue One, and Rescue Seven(BCES) were dispatched for a single vehicle accident with possible injury on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 152, Wagon One, 153, Squad One, and Brush One responded to find a single car that had gone off the parkway, slid over an embankment and onto Rainbow Forest Dr clipping multiple trees on the way down. Wagon One stayed on the parkway as Brush One and Squad One continued to Rainbow Forest Dr. One occupant was found standing outside of the car and was treated an transported to the local trauma center. Company One assisted in the removal of the vehicle and lighting of the scene. One all hazards were removed Company One and Rescue One cleared the scene and returned to quarters.


4-30-11 Accident on 460 PDF  | Print |

4-30-11Accident on 460 at Blue Ridge Springs Rd


Company One, Rescue One were dispatched for a two car accident on Rt 460 in the area of Blue Ridge Springs Rd. Wagon One, Squad One, and 152 responded to find one vehicle off the road in a driveway and one vehicle still on 460 against the guardrail. Wagon One shut down one lane of 460 and checked for hazards while 152 checked on all patients. With no hazards being found Company One held traffic for the tow operator to secure the vehicle and Company One cleared the call with no further incidents.



3-27-11 Accident on Mt. Pass Rd PDF  | Print |

3-27-11 Accident on Mt. Pass Rd in the "S" turns


Company One and Rescue One was dispatched to the 3700 Block of Mountain Pass Rd for a single vehicle accident. Wagon One, Squad One,and Rescue 152 responded to find a single vehicle off the roadway into a tree. Wagon One and Squad One set up traffic control and 152 assessed the patients. 2 patient refusals were obtained and once the vehicle was removed all units cleared the scene.

Units on the Scene- Wagon One, Squad One, 152, 750, VSP


Busy Weekend PDF  | Print |
Super Bowl Weekend was a busy for BRVFD. I will have picture posted ASAP of both the MVA with injuries and the Structure Fire.

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