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7-10-14 Archway MVC TEST

7-10-14 Archway MVC 2

At approximately 8:25 PM, Company 1, Rescue 1, and Medic 752 were dispatched for a two vehicle motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Archway Road and Zimmerman Road. With a crew already in house, Wagon 1 (with 4) and Rescue 152 responded and arrived to find two vehicles in a t-bone like collision, blocking both lanes of Archway and the entrance to Zimmerman. Command was established by Captain 1, and initial crews quickly realized that the driver of one of the vehicles was entrapped. Not long after the Wagon crew stabilized the vehicle, Squad 1 and Utility 1 arrived to assist with the door pop. Additional personnel on scene assisted with EMS efforts to rapidly extricate two patients. After the extrication was complete and EMS had transported a total of three patients, fire crews remained on scene to assist with traffic, until the vehicles could be removed from the roadway.

Companies and units operating: Blue Ridge (Wagon 1, Squad 1, Utility 1, 152, 153), Botetourt County (EMS 7, Medic 752), and the Virginia State Police.